Freedom way #Stavanger

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Sunday 23 of August time 18:00-19:00

Stavanger domkirke / Haakon VIIs gate 2, 4005 Stavanger

31 years ago approximately 2 000 000 people from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia joined human chain known as Baltic way. Now Republic of Belarus more than ever needs all possible support and attention from the world. Lithuanian communities across the world are calling everyone to join human chain again. It´s an open invitation to express solidarity with the people of Belarus. Let´s tell the world peacefully that close neighbour of Lithuania is in need of freedom!

Because of safety reasons, everyone who wants to participate needs to register. Please send names and surnames to

Permission to organize this event was granted by Stavanger Kommune.

• Date of the Freedom Chain: Sunday August 23 1800 – 1900
• Place: Stavanger Domkirke/ Stavanger Cathedral
• Participants need to register
• Dress code: White with red accents
• One time use facial masks will be
• We´ll stand keeping 1 meter distance from each other

Up to date: Over 50 people are joining the event and we´re expecting more to join! (Max number allowed by Stavanger Kommune is 200).

Posters, Flags, Families, Friends, Neighbours, Co-workers and good mood are welcome and is the core of this event!

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